Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hawaiian Spam can label contest winner

As some of you may know, I have a collection of SPAM cans. The collector/OCD instinct occasionally compels me to do some web searching for SPAM-related stuff.

This morning, I stumbled upon a brand new can design that renders my collection (temporarily) incomplete.

Hawai'ians are big fans of SPAM. Hormel has been grooving to that vibe, and they recently had a Hawai'i SPAM can label design contest for a special edition the the 25% Less Sodium version.

The winner was announced last week. Congratulations to Hawai'ian artist and designer Scott Kaneshiro of Mililani, Hawai'i! Scott's design was deemed "No Kai 'Oi" (best) by Hormel's judges, and will be used on a special Hawaiian can.

If there's a contest for an Alaskan design, I have a couple of ideas. :-)

UPDATE 2011-05-04 7:05AM AKDT: I found this video of the SPAM can design winner announcement posted by nonstophonolulu. It notes that the can will be available in Hawai'ian stores starting in July, and than Scott won $1000 and a year's supply of SPAM. I also found another entry from the Tasty Island blog.