Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazon's Wish Lists ate my baby

Okay, not really. But I went to look through my lists today for something to bring the total up to the $25 threshold in order to get free shipping (very important for Alaskans!), and on one of my lists, I found this as the second item:

There are no links or pictures in the entry to show me what it was. No breadcrumbs of any kind. WHAT WAS IT? I have no idea.

I was interested in buying it at some point, and I trusted Amazon to keep that knowledge for me. Now, I don't want to add anything to the lists without tracking them somewhere else for fear of losing them. Which is exactly not the point.

I'm going to try to contact Amazon support/service, but I'm just not feeling optimistic on this one.

UPDATE: Bryan suggested that I look at the HTML source - and sure enough, the table header had this string in it:

tbody name="item.0.I1N2UK0PDLSG38.B00024WN3G"

The first part beginning with I1 yielded no results, but the second part is an Amazon product ID, which yielded plenty of Google results - it's the Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup!

Photo from

You saved the day, Bryan!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Daniel DeNardo: Independence from more than just the Union

I was astonished to find that the official election statement from Daniel DeNardo, the Alaska Independence Party's candidate for my own House District 31, was not available anywhere on the Internet as far as Google could tell ... so I had to act immediately.

What follows is an exact copy of the text found on page 110 of the 2008 Official General Election Pamphlet Region II (50M PDF) from the State of Alaska Division of Elections, mailed this week to each voter's address of record. I've tried to preserve the spirit of the formatting as much as possible.

I believe that DeNardo's statement speaks for itself.


I study the creation and impact of the Luciferian Marxist-Leninist Dialectical Sovietism that is the most encompassing secular historical force controlling every incorporated political party; the world's exchange systems based on perpetual indentured slavery through interest bearing irredeemable security obligations, i.e. federal reserve notes; Law Merchant advisory panels masquerading as 'juries'; bar associations composed strictly of card carrying Kommunist Komrade Kriminals acting in Alaska under the Alaska Supreme Soviet in conjunction with Soviet counterparts in NKVD through the Khabarovsk-Alaska Collectivization Project; and state sponsored Kriminal Globalism's "perpetual War for perpetual peace".

1990 Soviet-Alaska Maritime Boundary Treaty transferred part of the Aleutian Chain back to the Soviet Union allowing Soviet military occupational of Alaska for 48 hours before rendering notice.

Soviet controlled Conoco-Phillips/British Petroleum are expanding in Alaska with Soviet military intelligence (GRU) controlled Gazprom. Treaty created Pebble project is another aspect of Soviet Perestroika-Glasnost deception/strategy of state sponsored Kapitalist terrorism.



Alaska's Divine Destiny
Holy-Writ Book Revelation repeatedly references Alaska, Land of Great Eagle: Independent Republic leading Trinity's forces against Lucifer, Antichrist, Kommunist International.

Great Arctic Wealth
Alaska's Arctic Islands: Wrangell, Herald, Henrietta, Jeannette, Bennett contain 1,000 times Middle East reserves. Alaska Supreme Soviets: Fabe and Ostroumov, aka Bryner, conspiring under Soviet Khabarovsk-Alaska Collectivization Project merging legal systems, surrendering islands to Soviets.

Mark Begich-Knowles Student Loan Kriminalism
Begich, Student Loan chairman, overcharged interest on 27,000 student loans to reduce program.s millions negative net worth. AG Theresa Williams, Diane Barrans, Ken Dodson aided, abetted 100's millions in interstate bond fraud.

Internal auditor, I caught them.

Promise prosecution, loans nullified.

Gas Line
Initiate immediately. Build free under Common Law gold and silver Coin. No transshipment. Create Alaska Great Eagle Republic infrastructure under Holy Writ's Revelation.

Bar Association
Marxist-Leninist Kriminals imposing Kommunist Korporate feudalistic perpetual Usury servitudes destroying Common Law Republic. God-Man declared Satan attorneys' father: Eternal Punishment. Insane for Alaskans to allow continued existence.

Alaska Supreme Soviet
Marxist-Leninist Kriminals: destroyed fundamental Republican Principles, Declaration of Independence: advocate Soviet self-perpetuating elite dictatorship.

Fabe, Matthews, Eastaugh, Carpeneti, Rabinowitz aided, abetted rape of court employee at weekly biznezz meeting in Girdwood.

Largest Alaska cocaine operation located Anchorage state law-library: complicity of court administrator Arthur Snowden, Jay Rabinowitz.

Corrupt Soviet style organization: history of millions in kickbacks.

Constitutional Convention
People: Great Land of Great Eagle declare Organic Common Law Rights of Man based on Trinity's Divine Word. Death of Attorney's Luciferian Kommunist Korporate Kapitalism.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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