Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazon's Wish Lists ate my baby

Okay, not really. But I went to look through my lists today for something to bring the total up to the $25 threshold in order to get free shipping (very important for Alaskans!), and on one of my lists, I found this as the second item:

There are no links or pictures in the entry to show me what it was. No breadcrumbs of any kind. WHAT WAS IT? I have no idea.

I was interested in buying it at some point, and I trusted Amazon to keep that knowledge for me. Now, I don't want to add anything to the lists without tracking them somewhere else for fear of losing them. Which is exactly not the point.

I'm going to try to contact Amazon support/service, but I'm just not feeling optimistic on this one.

UPDATE: Bryan suggested that I look at the HTML source - and sure enough, the table header had this string in it:

tbody name="item.0.I1N2UK0PDLSG38.B00024WN3G"

The first part beginning with I1 yielded no results, but the second part is an Amazon product ID, which yielded plenty of Google results - it's the Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup!

Photo from

You saved the day, Bryan!
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