Thursday, April 30, 2009 via ACS

Speaks for itself (if you speak geek):

$ host -t srv | sort -k8 has SRV record 1 10 80 has SRV record 1 25 80 has SRV record 1 5 80 has SRV record 1 30 80 has SRV record 1 50 80 has SRV record 1 5 80

$ host has address

$ whois | grep OrgName
OrgName: Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.

I am not authorized to speak on behalf of my employer (as some of you may remember from the May 17, 2002 edition of the ADN), but I'm personally pleased to be helping out with the upcoming release of FreeBSD 7.2!

Update: Note that our update server is only temporary, to help with the expected increased use of freebsd-update(8) for upgrading to the new release.

Also note that freebsd-update selects servers at random; if you're in Alaska, you can use -s to select the ACS server.
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